Economy Transport

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Development of the transportation industry also may be observed in the Adazi Region. The first private certified aerodrome is situated in Adazi, which may receive on average 60 small private planes. The range of services provided by the aerodrome includes training ultra-light plane pilots, maintenance and repair works for planes, trade and rent of planes, as well as advertising flights.

Buses and other vehicles may be hired from Ekspress-Ādaži Ltd., whilst tractors, excavators, lorries may be hired from Atari Ltd. There are several security parking and service stations in the centre of Adazi and in Kadaga. Major petrol stations are Aparts Ltd. and Viada Jūrmala Ltd. Oil product trade company Ādaži-Kover Ltd. operates in the Adazi Region. It was the winner of Gazele, a competition organized by newspaper Dienas Bizness to recognize the fastest growing companies in Latvia from 2004-2006.